Why you need to redesign your website?

So I recently redesigned my website. I wanted to do so for a while now, but never really got into starting because of how busy I was.

If your like me, in a service based business, you definitely understand how little to no time you have to work on your side of things. We usually just concentrate on the client and never on our biz.

But the thing is, as you continue o grow and expand, you start outgrowing a lot of things. In this instance, your website.

Maybe you did it yourself or had someone else design it for you, and maybe you’re proud of it. That’s great and all, but do you thing your website is growing with you?

For me it was CHANGE. I’ve been through so much change in the last 6 months I don’t even know how to explain it. Essentially the guy on the front cover of my website was not me anymore.

I built my website back in July of 2017, and in one year I’ve done a complete 180 in my life. This is why I decided that my website needed an urgent redesign.



Now, how does this apply to you? Easy. How quickly does our society change? How quickly do styles and design change?

Our world is on a constant state of change and improvement. The problem is, if you don’t change and improve along with it, you’ll be left behind. 

I’m sorry, but I’ve stumbled upon many company websites that need serious help. This really hurts your business because you have potential clients and visitors that are landing on your website and immediately closing the tab because your website is outdated.

I’m not saying go put your website on maintenance mode for the next month and redo the whole thing. Maybe do a few tweaks, update a picture or two, add new features, keep it fresh and light so everyone that visits your website feel great when they see it.

And if you think you need an update but have no idea where to begin, send me a message, I’ll hook you up!