Why minimalism helps my creativity

Why minimalism helps my creativity

The history of minimalism started way back before I was even born. Some say it goes back even further from the art form in the 60s. But it wasn’t until recently that It became a popular subject within social media that the minimalistic movement first arrived on my phone screen.

I was immediately intrigued. You see, I come from a household where everything is recycled and re-used. Essentially everything has double and triple use, and that can quickly lead to a lot of clutter. We never arrived to the extreme of hoarding, but early on, before I had ever heard of minimalism, I began to experience anxiety from clutter and mess.

I believe there are several habits of minimalistic living. I was first encountered with an extreme form of minimalism that I truly could not follow. These individuals would sleep on mattresses without frames, sit on the floor or eat on tables with a single chair, a single plate and a single utensil. Their walls where barren and their floors as empty as their kitchen. They would wear their single pair of clothing and possessed the most basic of items in order to live.

This practice and way of living comes to no surprise with our materialistic society. We live in an era of consumerism and amidst this extreme, on the opposite spectrum emerges Minimalism.

I must admit; this simplistic way of living truly eases the mind and provides so much needed clarity. Which is why I decided to apply only the principles of minimalism to my new apartment. You see, I always search for balance; and this means I live in a clutter free, clean and clear environment where I have only what I need. I haven’t bought new clothes and always wear the same outfits. I only have a single set of pots and pans, a single set of plates and cups, and a fairly empty fridge.

Yet the true benefits of living a moderate minimalistic lifestyle come from my work space.

I work from home. As a freelancer I spend 90% of my time inside my apartment having remote meetings, calls and working in front of my computer. This is why I decided to create a minimal setup on my desk. I have more than enough clutter in my head thinking about the million tasks I have to accomplish during the day and a small cluttered space would simply drive me crazy and destroy my creativity.

I must say, having so much cleared space has given me breathing room and clarity when I am concentrated at work. It truly has promoted much ease of mind and provided me with a physical space that translated to mental space for easy flow of those creative juices along with productivity and comfort.

I used to take my laptop from one room to another, trying to find a place where I could concentrate and get things done. From the kitchen counter to the living room and on top of my bed, I could not find a place I could comfortably work form until I created my space of peace.

This is why I encourage you to create a space; a minimalistic space where you have the physical space that provides you with mental space and clarity. Try it and let me know how your creativity and productivity boosts!